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Infinity Of The Artificial Skin

Genesis Pieces IOTAS

Infinity Of the Artificial Skin

Envision a magical world,
a world where one and all can fit, wear and show fashion they wish for.
A place where we can show who we really are, what we value and how we feel through what we wear.
A world where we do not focus on groups, instead we embrace the unique transhuman body that originated within culture, zeitgeist, evolution and natural deviation.
We believe this magical world can become reality when fashion meets technology, so why not breach the ordinary?

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This collection uses a Metaverse first approach and is designed using mathematical fractals such as Sierpiński’s arrowhead.
Based on the underlying code and our rich experience in experimenting and printing with new textiles we want to deliver a phygital experience. ​
We create both a physical product that can be exhibited in galleries and shown on the catwalk as well as a virtual item that can be collected and worn in the metaverse by its owners.


Fabienne vd Weiden

Co-founder & creative lead


Jessica Joosse

Co-founder & production lead


Juan Lacroix

Co-founder & community &
partnerships lead


Marlou Linders

Digital creative & 3D Designer


Loe Feijs

Professor Emeritus at University of Technology Eindhoven & Algorithm lead


Emma Pastoor

Fashion designer

  • Why NFT’s?
    We believe the NFT protocol enables a new kind of economy that has the incentives aligned with the right stakeholders. We will always be incentivized to continuously keep adding value and staying relevant to each and every NFT we will ever release.
  • Where can I connect with other IOTAS NFT collectors?
    Discord link: Twitter link: Instagram link: Medium link:
  • What is Infinity of the Artificial Skin?
    Infinity of the Artificial Skin is LABELEDBY.’s NFT first collection specifically made with a digital-first approach that will find its value within the metaverse. The collection consists of 10 unique designs and a total of 1000 unique NFTs.
  • When is the release?
    Q3 2022, we keep you on track with our progress in our Discord.
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An introduction to NFT’s and what LABELEDBY’s doing.

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What’s the added value of NFTs? And why now is the time to get involved?

How to get NFT ready?

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