Infinity Of The Artificial Skin


What feels right and what feels strange if our tactile perception changes?


Phase 01.

Launch of genesis collection

Exhibition roadshow IRL and digital 1

Community events

Art pieces for collectors


Avatar applications for virtual worlds 

Avatar applications for gaming

Interoperability for leading avatars

Exhibition roadshow IRL and digital 2

Music artist collaboration

Music video integration

Genesis small merch drop

Education and onboarding of new talent

Phase 02.


Exhibitions IRL & Virtual Confirmed

22-10-2022 / 30-10-2022 - Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (NL)

12-11-2022 / 19-11-2022 - GLOW Eindhoven (NL)

25-11-2022 / 27-11-2022 - FashionClash Maastricht (NL)