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Zomerconcerten Stichting de Vrolijkheid



In August and September, de Vrolijkheid organized summer concerts at six asylum centers in the Netherlands.
These concerts marked the festive culmination of a co-creative project where families in asylum centers collaborated with designers to create costumes.
Musicians, including Claron McFadden & Tuur Florizoone, Iris Hond, Wantee Teelapa, and Meral Polat, wore these unique costumes as they performed in the centers.
These concerts celebrated the power of art and music, serving as an exclusive project by and for asylum center residents.

Artist Wantee Teelapa, expressed her pride in wearing a specially designed outfit for these shows by LABELEDBY. and the residents of azc Almere, highlighting the impact of small moments of happiness on residents' lives.
Each design element on the coat encapsulates a personal story from the community.

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Pictures by Petra Katanic

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