Clients: Deloitte / Denim Expert LTD. / Bangladesh apparel exchange

/ University of technology Eindhoven / University of technology Delft / ROC / Epson 

The future of textiles
LABELEDBY. is consulting companies from the fields of fashion, interior, sports, automotive and more on textile innovation and aesthetics. Through design research and experimental use of technologies like laser cutting, sublimation and 3D-printing, we constantly develop new fabrics and applications in close collaboration with our clients.

Made in Eindhoven
We love to work with companies and creative professionals to help them realise their designs and ideas. LABELEDBY. is well-equipped to develop and carry out small-scale productions, from work apparel and uniforms to theatrical costumes and eye-catching fashion items.

Timeless fashion
Started as a showcase for fashiontech innovations developed in the studio, our LABELEDBY. brand is quickly evolving into a highly desirable line of original attire. Defying fashion’s seasonal cycle, we aim at a steadily growing collection of timeless personal pieces.

The fashion industry is under scrutiny for exploiting people and resources. LABELEDBY. is convinced that technological innovation can contribute significantly to address these abuses. It can replace child labour with automation; reduce waste with smaller-scale, on-demand manufacture; and cut carbon emissions from transportation by producing locally. It is our mission to develop and promote ethical, sustainable practices that may help transform the way fashion is designed, made, and consumed.


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LABELEDBY. and Epson collaborate to introduce the Epson Design Awards - Empowering the next generation of designers

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Recent project in collaboration with NEWINNO.
This innovation by NEWINNO uses garments, which are assembled with multiple tabbed sections, that can attached to each other firmly by clicking the tabs in corresponding apertures. LABELEDBY. was responsible for prototyping this project. 

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Thrilled to share the results of our collaboration with Asclepios. LABELEDBY. created a special spacesuits for the GENESIS crew where their astronauts will be able to wear them during the Asclepios I underground space missions. 

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SUNDAYSCHOOL by Kenzo Alvares ft Sinni Wavi.
For this video LABELEDBY. created 13 sleeves, 2 coats, a dress and accessoires (a big backpack and glasses). All with 3D printed details.