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This XXL Puffer scarf is part of our A.I. collab collection.
From moodboard, to print, to wearable, we explore the use of A.I. in our design process.
Digital manufacturing techniques are used to transform the design into a physical wearable. 

All items are made on demand, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

LABELEDBY. x A.I. Puffer scarf XXL Custom

€ 298,00Price
Expected to ship by the end of February
  • By selecting this scarf you have the possibility to be part of the design process! 
    Use the field above to fill in your personal prompt for the A.I.
    Think of colors, style of the pattern, and implement words that are precious to you.
    After placing your order you will receive 4 options of pattern designs where you can choose from. This pattern will be used for your personalised puffer scarf!  

    Swipe pictures to see examples. 



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