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Recent project in collaboration with NEWINNO.

The innovation by NEWINNO uses garments, which are assembled with multiple tabbed sections , that can attached to each other firmly by clicking the tabs in corresponding apertures. These small tabs are positioned on the edges of each section and are reinforced with a thin laminated strip. Tabbed sections can be inserted or removed quickly and easily manually using an automatic coupling apparatus, which is guided along the edge of the section, through a series of apertures along the edge. An unique code is assigned to each section and printed on the backside of it. Webshops can use these codes in case customers want to make their clothes fit better or want to replace a broken section. ​

1.This innovation can offer tailor-made clothing for everyone,that fits well.
2. If part of the garment is broken or worn, the broken section can be replaced easily by the customers themselves without sewing.
3.A proper design can be realised to implement all different sizes of a particular garment using the same tabbed sections. This can reduce the stockpile of clothing stores. Also unsold sizes of clothing can be modified and reused in the same shop.
4. Sections of the clothing can be simply reused offering a better recycling of clothing.
5. Less clothing is thrown away with this sustainable innovation, supporting the environment.


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