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Bangladesh Fashionology Summit

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LABELEDBY. at Bangladesh Fashionology Summit: A Global Convergence of Fashion and Innovation

LABELEDBY. participated in the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit, a global fusion of fashion and innovation.

The event brought together the global apparel and fashion industry with the innovation ecosystem in Bangladesh, transcending borders and fostering collaboration. The grand finale of the summit featured a breathtaking runway show, showcasing the latest innovations in textile and fashion—a testament to the industry's ever-evolving spirit.

During this event, LABELEDBY. took stage as the curator of the runway show and collaborated with the factory of Denim Expert LTD. to craft a groundbreaking FashionTech collection. This collaboration served as a beacon of learning and innovation, where LABELEDBY. and the factory of Denim Expert LTD. exchanged expertise, taught the latest innovations, and inspired each other.

The curated collection of 58 outfits from eleven designers across five countries was presented during the event, embodying the ethos of innovation, style, and a shared vision for the future of fashion.

LABELEDBY. believes in breaking boundaries, and its multifaceted participation in the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit underscored its commitment to shaping the global dialogue on the intersection of fashion and technology.

Curated Designers: Winde Rienstra, Pauline van Dongen, Marina Toeters, Jasna Rok, Sensoree, Amped Atalier, Abnormal Design

Curated young talents: Julia van Zilt, Fabienne Crans, Luca van Breda, Sira van Alebeek, 

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