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LABELEDBY. x Epson Design Awards


Epson Design Awards: Empowering Fashion's Future through Innovation and Collaboration

LABELEDBY., in collaboration with Epson, proudly presents the Epson Design Awards, now expanding to a BENELUX edition after the resounding success of the first two editions. Epson, a leader in digital textile printing technology, and LABELEDBY., known for pushing the boundaries of fabric innovation, have joined forces to create a unique platform that bridges design and technology.

About the Epson Design Awards powered by LABELEDBY.
The Epson Design Awards represent a fusion of creativity and technology, providing a live experience to elevate designers' knowledge and imagination. Ten emerging designers were challenged to craft both a garment and a print pattern for apparel, utilizing the cutting-edge Epson SureColor SC-F10000 for printing on sustainably sourced textiles.

Going Bigger with BENELUX Edition

Building on the success of the first two editions, the third Design Awards becomes a BENELUX edition, further expanding the reach and impact of this transformative initiative. The collaboration aims to empower the next generation of designers by fostering an environment where design, innovation, and technology converge.

Theme: Inclusivity and Diversity

The central theme of the Epson Design Awards' third edition revolves around "Inclusivity." Designers are encouraged to explore the concept of inclusivity in their collections, celebrating all body types, genders, ethnicities, and abilities. The goal is to present a diverse range of designs that represent a true reflection of our society, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for everyone.

Vision for the Future

As expressed by Sophie Wantia, winner of the first edition of the Epson Design Awards, the future of fashion is intricately tied to technology: "I believe new technologies will definitely influence our way of designing and using fashion, and it is already happening. This could really help us to work more sustainably and think about different design solutions in a future-minded way."


Scroll to see more of this event! Photography by Quincy West

First edition of the Epson Design Awards - Image by Yma Garay

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