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Nominated Designers

Design Awards ‘24 - BENELUX

Global technology company Epson and fashion innovator LABELEDBY. are once again organizing the Epson Design Awards for the third time. This award show provides talented designers with the opportunity to showcase their creativity to a larger audience. The central theme for this year is inclusivity and diversity.


The submitted designs, as in previous years, will be judged by a professional panel of experts and will be featured in an exciting fashion show. The grand prize includes an Epson SureColor

SC-F500 dye-sublimation printer valued at 2,415 euros and a cheque of 500 euros. Additionally, attractive prizes will be awarded to the most colorful design and the most inclusive design.

This event aims to celebrate both the beauty of individuality and the importance of sustainable practices in the fashion industry. 

We invite designers to participate in a showcase that not only highlights their artistic vision but also promotes a more inclusive and environmentally conscious future.


Theme: Inclusivity and Diversity
The central theme of the fashion show revolves around "Inclusivity." Designers are encouraged to explore the concept of inclusivity in their collections, celebrating all body types, genders, ethnicities, and abilities. The goal is to present a diverse range of designs that represent a true reflection of our society, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for everyone.

Sustainability is a core aspect of this event.

Designers are expected to incorporate sustainable practices into their creative process. From sourcing eco-friendly materials (also provided by EPSON) and using ethical production methods to considering the entire lifecycle of their garments, we aim to set an example for responsible fashion consumption. Whether through upcycling, zero-waste patterns, or digital prototyping, each designer should emphasize their commitment to a greener future.


Furthermore, fashion designers are encouraged to harness the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in creating their prints and designs, as long as their own signature or the message they wish to convey remains recognizable. This fusion of human creativity and A.I. innovation can add a unique dimension to their designs.

Nominated Designers 2024: Janne van Wezel, Povilas Gegevicius, Babs de Kock, Louise Noordam, André Konings, Annalie van Doorn, Sam beddegenoodts, Tijn Roozen, Maryléne Madou, Lotte van Stijn, Joëlle Leenders, Guerline Kamp 

Winners: Annalie van Doorn, Lotte van Stijn, Povilas Gegevicius


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