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Innovative textile studio based in Eindhoven

LABELEDBY. is a research and technological development studio, based in the Netherlands, Eindhoven. Our 3D-printing experience lab, supported by MRE, is located at the Fashion Tech Farm.


LABELEDBY. offers design expertise, collaborative creative services and exclusive products. We are always on the look to explore and exploit the possibilities of new techniques and 3D printing and lasercutting. 


We believe, as designers, it’s our duty to inspire, question the status quo, and bring history and future to the present while sharing this with society. As engineers, with a master degree from TU/e, we accept the challenge to innovate the future of fashion! ​


We develop new textiles that are relevant for a diverse range of applications, and research alternative digital manufacturing systems for textiles and garments. These systems have the ability to automate labor intensive and dangerous processes, improving worker safety and wellbeing. Next to that, these digital manufacturing systems encourage on demand and personalised production of garments, resulting in less waste and more value for the customer. 


We help companies in the field of fashion, interior, sports, automotive and more to develop towards a innovative future. We work closely together with our clients to see which techniques and what kinds of textiles fit the company’s vision and brand. Innovation requires a experimental mindset, our team has all the skills and expertise to guide you through a creative process, and turn your ideas into reality. ​

Clients: Deloitte / Denim Expert LTD. / Bangladesh apparel exchange

/ University of technology Eindhoven / University of technology Delft / ROC / Epson 

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