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Fashiontech research and development studio

LABELEDBY. is a fashiontech research and development studio founded by engineers Jessica Joosse and Fabienne van der Weiden. They teamed up during their studies at TU/e, sharing a passion for sustainable production, design research, 3D technology – and fashion. Together they have built up a wide-ranging practice in consulting, textile innovation and exclusive fashion. Their design expertise, practical knowledge and love for creative collaboration makes LABELEDBY. an inspiring partner for forward-looking companies and individual makers.

Realising that the heart of the fashion industry is in Southeast Asia, LABELEDBY. made the adventurous move to work in Bangladesh. They collaborate with a local denim company and the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit, curating its 2019 Fashiontech Runway Show to highlight the innovative works of 70 international designers. They are set to return as soon as circumstances allow.

LABELEDBY. is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.